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3 keys to Content for Restaurants Marketing

A website with functionalities oriented to your business

Keep in mind that the goal of a good website should be to inform, educate and connect the company with its potential customers. Restaurant websites must meet these options as much as any other type of business. There are certain functionalities that are indispensable for improving your local SEO for restaurants. We refer to:

  • Responsive design: customers look for restaurants, mainly, locally and with the mobile. This is essential, since more than 50% of Google searches are already done from mobile devices.
  • Online booking button: Why call when a click can have your reservation confirmed? Getting a great user experience should always be within our goals.
  • Geolocated contact information: The customer needs to know where you are and to do this, make sure your restaurant is on Google Maps is important in your digital strategy.
  • Menu with the prices visible: Entering this section is also necessary to help the visitor in his decision.
  • Newsletter:Communicate with your customers on a regular basis, but always providing something that really interests them, such as new dishes on the menu or special promotions for subscribers. Gastronomic marketing works.

The image here is everything too

"Food enters through the eyes" and "an image is worth a thousand words" are two expressions that perfectly reflect the importance that the graphic image will have our content strategy. Both the graphic design of the website and, of course, the photography of your dishes are directly responsible for attracting new customers to the restaurant.

Is your restaurant in the appropriate social networks?

Adapting the creation of content to each of the social networks is necessary in order to obtain an interesting publication reach and, above all, generate engagement with the user. This is what interests us most, that our clients speak (well) of and with us. What social media for restaurants should you be on? For a restaurant the most appropriate are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this being the best social network to get more reach. Let's see why:

Facebook is the most used social network for personal use. The restaurants, being a business-oriented without a doubt to the use and enjoyment of end-users, obtain a high percentage of interaction in this social network. Indispensable.

Twitter is especially effective in offering customer service and talking with them almost in real-time. Instagram is the quintessential social photography network. It is also tremendously useful for encouraging the interaction of customers who will want to share their own photographs. We must give you the pleasure of thanking you for your visit and that great photo with a filter that makes our food look impressive, don't you think?


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