Company access control

Access control system for companies

Mandatory for companies with more than ten employees, access control is an ally of employees and managers in the work environment. The tool, essential for information management, has innumerable models and that is why entrepreneurs often do not know which one to invest in. From the manual to the biometric, the importance of access control system is undeniable. It is he who records the hours worked by each employee. In this way, the manager knows if the professional did overtime and even if he complied with the provisions of the contract, which allows the correct payment in companies with wages based on the hourly load.

In addition, through this, both employees and the company can check the hourly load fulfilled, if it is necessary to resort to labor justice. Access control brings advantages for both sides.

How to choose the best model

With so many models in which it is possible to invest, doubts may arise as to the best option for the company. Access control must be regulated by legal requirements. By fulfilling them, the choice is made for the cost benefit, highlighting the controls and maintenance mechanisms Among the factors that must be taken into account when choosing an access control system kitare: compliance with legal norms; access controls; the mechanisms and maintenance time; and the price of the product. But what are the main options in the market?

Types of access control

Meet four common models in companies.

Access book

This is the cheapest option for companies, compared to digital models. Despite this, being a control done manually by employees, it is susceptible to failures and requires trust between the professional and the manager.Therefore, this model is ideal for companies with few employees and works best in enterprises with flexible schedules, where professionals work at home or need to travel.

Cartographic clock

With this model, the employees insert a card of cardboard in the device and the clock makes the impression of the schedule. In this case, it is ideal for managers to have monitoring, to certify that no professional will register for another person. The cartographic clock is ideal for small businesses that cannot make a high investment and is a good option because not much maintenance is needed.


Barcode access has information about employees and requires that they have individual cards. The company can launch a report with information that is sent digitally, which facilitates the processes of the financial department. This is a perfect investment for medium and large companies.

Biometric access

The biometric model is the most advanced and most secure for employees and managers, since the professional's entry and exit times are recorded by means of digital printing. Generally, it is used in commercial buildings, where the tool is located in the entrance turnstiles.


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