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7 steps to succeed in CCTV system installation

Objective of the project

Before leaving and determining the position of the CCTV camera system, determine what the objective of the project will be; This may be: the perimeter of the area to be monitored, the control of certain processes, the protection of assets, among others. This is one of the most important steps; It must be documented so that it is known by all the areas involved in the project, especially by the areas of operations and financing.

Location of the cameras

With the goal set, go to the field and investigate and verify the best positioning of the cameras, also check for possible interference that may affect the quality of the images. At that time observe the lighting of the place, if necessary indicate the use of projectors (LED, infrared), choose the appropriate model for each application and manage the document List of materials with brand and model and objective of each camera, along with the ground floor of the place, position each camera and indicate their field of vision.


The IP CCTV System requires an Ethernet network already implemented in place. If you have a network in place that will be shared with the cameras, make sure that the network has conditions to keep all systems running. The network administrator must participate in this step.


Will the system have only one local access or does it include remote access? Is there only one location or will there be multiple locations with centralized administration? Today there are several CCTV software manufacturers, with very similar functions, but they can have different forms of licensing, for example, while a manufacturer only charges the amount of cameras that are being managed and provides all the other features others may charge for the features through additional licenses.

Monitoring Center
  • Use servers:

These devices are designed to work 24 hours a day, just like your security system, and should be dedicated for this use, that is, it should never be shared with another application. Refrigerated Environment: The server must be conditioned to racks and in refrigerated environments, it must never be installed in porters, or under tables or cabinets. High temperatures are the main causes of damage to these systems.

At rest:

In addition to the camera monitoring center it should also work in a power interruption situation, adjust the non-rest system to keep all equipment running during failures. Technical Furniture: The operations centers will not last if office furniture is used, the correct thing is the use of technical furniture that has the durability to guarantee the operation during long periods of work.

Skilled labor

Always ensure that professionals have training and a technical certification to install, configure and train the operation of the products.


Remember, all equipment wears out, mainly, over time, to minimize effects, you just need regular and preventive maintenance. The cost of preventive maintenance is cheaper than the cost of replacing equipment with corrective maintenance.

Another point is the spare parts, if your work is essential and you cannot suffer interruptions in the service, even if it is defective, it is better to keep some equipment in stock for replacement.


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