CCTV prevention

Prevent theft and crime with CCTV systems. Installation of Security Cameras.

The main reason why it is decided to install a video surveillance system or make a closed circuit television installation (CCTV) is the deterrent effect it produces. However, it is not always possible to dissuade criminals and ends up committing a crime. In that case, the reason for the installation of security systems is no longer just deterrence, but also to be able to record the criminal act and subsequently extract said video clip. That video may be used as evidence in a trial or it will be used by the security forces and forces to assist in their criminal investigation.

We will not always be lucky enough to have a video in which the offender is caught in fraganti. But that is no reason to dismiss the installation of CCTV security cameras. There are many other uses that you can exploit and that will make you never want to get rid of your surveillance system.

Other uses of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

A recording may not show a crime being committed but it may prove that your version of the facts is true, or show any suspicious behavior. As you can see, surveillance cameras can be used for more things than recording a robbery, for example:

  • Prove that you have been in a certain place.
  • Record the time of entry and exit to a place.
  • Check if a restraining order has been violated.
  • See the attitude of the people recorded. If they have violent, calm, drunk behavior, etc...
  • Exchange of suspicious objects.
  • Locate vehicles and license plates used in crimes or parked in certain places.
  • And a lot of other uses of CCTV beyond as a security system.

In conclusion

Install surveillance cameras in communities and the use of CCTV security recordings do not always have to show the fact itself, but any evidence that substantiates your version of events. An installation of a CCTV system will always provide advantages and security wherever you decide to install it. No matter the place of installation, you can obtain the images of the surveillance cameras properly requesting the recordings to the correspondent police department or private owner of the videos.


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