Access control Planning

Planning of an access control system in buildings

A building, specially one where many offices and different types of people converge (like government figures for example) the levels of security must be really high, and a rigorous access system must be developed as part of the global security program.

The objective of a global security program is to calculate the risks and provide adequate responses. An important tool of that program is a well-analyzed access control system, been adequate study. The risk analysis section of the safety program attempts to identify why, where and how a building could be entered. Is it a historic building in an important city? Does the volume of traffic of people or a unique design - which could lead to a greater number of deaths - make it a main objective for terrorists? Do tenants include US or foreign government offices, abortion clinics, corporate information centers or other groups that represent vital functions or controversial issues? A serious evaluation of these factors is helpful in determining why someone would want to enter a building illegally.

To determine where you could enter illegally, you must examine all access points to the building, such as entrance paths, corridors, doors, windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pipes, and mechanical, electrical and water systems (MEP) and other openings. The analysis of how the building could be entered is based on the consideration of different types of threats, ranging from a person with a gun or a truck loaded with explosives, to a contaminated package that enters through the mail. According to the needs an adequate access control system kit will be installed.

Once the risk analysis has been carried out, we find the appropriate framework to develop responses to the different risks that have been identified. Effective access control is based on the integration of three design elements: architectural, technical and operational. Architectural elements include physical barriers to entry, such as walls, partitions, natural foliage (trees), turnstiles (personal barriers), protections and constructions of reinforced buildings. The technical elements range from video control, metal detectors and card readers to biometric systems. Global plans, policies and procedures carried out by trained security personnel are part of the operational elements of the plan.

Among the final steps of the process we can find the security program budget, access control design, alarm control, intruder detection, control through television systems and communication systems for evaluation and security, the implementation of security programs, training of security forces and education of users and tenants of the building.


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