USA visa through family

How to get US visa through family members already living legally in the USA?

  1. Immediate relative of a U.S. citizen

    • Eligible relatives of the American citizen:
    • Husband
    • Unmarried children under 21
    • Parents (if the US citizen is over 21 years old)
    • Direct family members will have special priority in immigration processes and do not have to wait on the list for a visa number to be available for them to be able to emigrate, because there is an unlimited number of visas for their categories, of course they still will have to do there US visa application. If your loved ones are inside or outside the United States, the procedure for obtaining legal status is different.
  2. Preferred family members of a US citizen

    “Family preference category” If the family member of the US citizen He is not an immediate relative, so the US citizen. You can still apply to sponsor this kind of family. This category includes:
    • Unmarried sons or daughters over 21
    • Married children of any age
    • Brothers and sisters (if the US citizen petitioner is over 21 years old) Congress has limited the number of family members who can immigrate each year under these categories, so there is a waiting period before a immigrant visa number is available.
  3. Family member of a permanent resident.

    A permanent resident can request a spouse, unmarried child (s) of any age to immigrate to the United States. Congress has limited the number of family members who can immigrate under these categories each year, there is usually a waiting period before an immigrant visa number is available. If your family bond qualifies you as an eligible relative of a permanent resident of the US, then you are in what is called a “family preference category.“

Aspects to consider:

  • Be 21 years old. If you are a single child of a permanent resident, and you turn 21 years old, this can delay the process of becoming a permanent resident or obtaining an immigrant visa. You would no longer qualify as a "single minor child of a legal permanent resident" (F2A) and would be in the category of a "single son or daughter of a legal permanent resident (F2B)." ”This change of categories may result in a significant delay in making your immigrant visa available. The Law on the Protection of the Status of Minors (CSPA). In certain cases, the CSPA may allow you to retain the classification of “minor child”, even if you have reached the age of 21.
  • To get married. If you are the son or daughter of a permanent resident and are single and get married before becoming a permanent resident, you would no longer qualify for permanent residence through your relative. There is no visa category for a married child of a permanent resident.
  • Permanent Resident Family member who becomes a U.S. citizen You may have the possibility of having a visa available sooner than expected, if the permanent resident who submitted the application becomes a US citizen. This is because now you would be applying to get a residence card as a relative of a US citizen. Its very important to know that for every case the applicant must make there US visa appointment on the respective US embassy


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