US visa for medical reasons

Humanitarian visa

Surely you have heard about the visa to visit a sick relative or visas for medical treatment that can be processed in a short time, all in order to travel to the United States in a short time to solve an emergency situation. If you are in a similar situation you must wonder how to get a US visa of that kind?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is responsible for receiving and resolving applications, with an estimated time of between 90 and 120 days, although in many cases if it is a family member's visa or an urgent situation is possible to have the answer in less than a week.

The immigration department processes about 1,200 emergency visa forms for the United States annually and only about 300 are approved immediately. When an American visa petition is rejected, it cannot be appealed. It can only be requested again in case the situation changes or there are other documents to present.

The humanitarian visa, whose application costs just over US $ 300, is synonymous with an American express visa and a humanitarian parole visa, so you must keep it in mind if your lawyer or the official representatives of the American government use these terms during the process.


In addition to making it impossible for the person to obtain a temporary visa, US immigration law defines several circumstances in which it is permissible to apply for emergency visas:

  • For medical reasons, either a visa to visit a sick relative or one of the visas for personal medical treatment.
  • To testify in a criminal or civil trial.
  • In specific cases of family reunification that qualify for a humanitarian parole visa. For an important public benefit that the authorities will analyze in detail before issuing their final criteria.

Steps to apply for a humanitarian visa

There are some key forms to present the official petition for an American express visa and the rest of the documents or letters will depend on who the applicant is, since everything changes if it is a personal procedure, if it is a lawyer who carries out the process or if it is a sponsor who presents the instance from the US territory. Only in this case the US visa application can be submit for another person on behave of the applicant .

If it is an emergency visa case for personal medical reasons, the respective documentation must be attached to justify the application, confirm the diagnosis and current status of the disease and explain why the person cannot receive such treatment or surgery in their country of home.

Although it is a visa process for humanitarian reasons, the US government will only approve applications that show sufficient financial funds to cover the costs of medical treatment and stay in case it is a family member's visa.

Differences between humanitarian visa and tourist visa

The humanitarian parole visa is a procedure received, evaluated and resolved by the United States immigration service and not by the consulate, where temporary visas are processed ordinarily. However, there will be a US visa appointment set by the immigration service.

A person receiving a US humanitarian visa can remain in the United States for up to one year, much more than the usual period of several weeks granted by the authorities for tourists.


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