Types of access control system

Types of Access Control

Access Control systems have been characterized by their great reception in the current market, since being independent, automated and secure at the same time, they make the processes of exit and entry to a company, residential complexes and homes a dynamic mechanism and efficient. These systems save on personnel costs. They reduce the time of registration. Improve employee productivity.

The types of Access Controls that exist so far have different characteristics and functions that allow it to adapt to the needs of people or organizations, depending on the type there are differents kinds of access control kit to be installed.

  • Stand alone system or stand alone:

    These devices work without any software for configuration and download. They are highly reliable and very useful in many places. Their verification methods can be keys, proximity cards and biometrics.
  • Controllers:

    These are systems that are integrated through a PC. They need a control software that allows them to keep track of all the operations that are carried out, such as date, time, authorization, etc. Your applications can be simple or complex as needed.
  • Vehicle Access Control:

    They are responsible for reading both stickers and long-range UHF cards, which are located on the windshield of the vehicles.

Verification methods

For the types of Access Control the following access methods can be used.

  • RFID:

    Identify by means of a reader, without contact and at a distance, a card or tag (tag) carried by a person or a moving vehicle.
  • Proximity cards:

    They allow access with the reading of the card, you just have to bring it closer to the device and it issues the verification at the opening of doors.
  • Biometrics:

    They read the physical characteristics of the person, the most common are the fingerprints, the shape of the iris, the facial patterns and the veins of the hand.
  • Talanqueras or Turnstiles:

    Are physical barriers that after verifying their authorization either manually, visually or through the electronic circuit incorporated, denies or allows the passage of a person.

There are devices that combine all these security systems, which makes the protection and execution of the tasks required by the environment very complete


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