SEO & SEM for restaurants

SEO and SEM strategies applied in restaurant marketing

These two strategies refer to two different ways of being present in Google. In the first place, SEO (search engine optimization) represents a permanent effort so that the website of the business is in the first sites that the search engine throws. To do this, Google uses a series of rules or search guidelines

For its part, the SEM strategy (search engine marketing) is much more similar to an investment in advertising. Through it, advertisers will appear in a search first (the word ad appears) and has an associated cost. Applying the local SEO for restaurants rules, "the easy task" is done to Google to identify your website. This not only puts the most visited sites in the top positions, but also associates the searched keyword with the content within the web. Therefore, to improve the location of your page with SEO, you have to do the following:

  • The keywords must be in the text, in the images and in the link.
  • The content must be constantly updated.
  • The text inside the images should not be abused. Remember that Google reads text, you cannot read images. It will always be advisable to have the advice of an SEO specialist. This can help you program the web in such a way that it is easily identifiable by the search engine.

Other ways to position your restaurant brand on the Internet

  1. Permanently update the website. Upload new images, post news, renew the letter, add videos; In other words, have updated content.
  2. Do not hide the prices. The customer wants to know how much it will cost to consume in your restaurant. But that does not take away the possibility of making promotions that lead to an interaction on the web. Some businesses are even aiming to give exclusive offers if users arrive online. Bembos is an emblematic case of the latter.
  3. Generate specific content for the web. People want less publicity and more stories, so it is recommended that restaurant pages have anecdotes, videos, post or images. The goal is to generate not only traffic but also that users are interested in the content.
  4. Have a presence on sites like TripAdvisor. These are not only visited by foreigners; On many occasions, local residents also review reviews of restaurants they have not visited. Even this page appears first in the search of some brands before the same business website, and you can use social media for restaurants promotion too
  5. Adapt the page to mobile devices and use a friendly design. In the digital age, it is imperative that your website can be read comfortably on both cell phones, tablets, computers or laptops.
  6. From a brand and marketing perspective, the benefits of having a website and keeping it updated are incalculable. There is no better way to tell your story and convey your message than with inspiring and tasteful web content that reflects the unique value of your restaurant brand. Your website presents a wonderful opportunity to provide compelling information to the most demanding customers 24 hours a day


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