SEO: on and offline tricks

A restaurant, in addition to good products and excellent service, needs good customer service if you want to stand out from the great competition in the sector. But that cannot be done only from the Social Networks or a web page but also on the premises itself.

We will detail 4 effective ways to join online and offline actions for your restaurant marketing.

Sweepstakes and contests on Facebook

Conducting a raffle or contest on this social network is one of the most common and effective ways to combine online and offline techniques. In this way, we invite our customers to follow our FanPage and motivate them to an action such as uploading a photo in our restaurant, commenting on a plate of our menu or answering a survey. For this action I recommend you to create a Hashtag, exclusive for your client and so in searches you can use, through a previously written statement, your photographs. The action we are asking you should have a reward focused on going to our restaurant, avoiding for example a dinner for two or the entrance to an event that we are going to organize. It is a very effective way to attract conventional customers and use social media for restaurants publicity.

Events for influencers or gastronomic bloggers

Influencer marketing is on the rise and more and more companies are making use of it to increase their sales. An effective idea is to create an event that brings together a few bloggers or gourmets in our restaurant and invites them to try our products and give feedback on their Social Networks and blogs. If we manage to attract the most influential or those who have an acceptable community of followers, we will have a lot of ground gained. We are thus combining the types of actions, digital and offline.

Cultural events in the premises

If you have a place with options to host cultural events it can be an effective way to attract customers and improve your local SEO for restaurants. Organizing exhibitions, concerts, book presentations or wine tastings for example are striking acts to which people tend to respond quite well.

Make use of e-mail marketing

The technique known as e-mail marketing is very effective and is also perfect for a restaurant, as there are many reasons why you should use this type of digital marketing. In addition to using a contact form on your website to get subscribers and data from your followers, you can obtain such information from the premises itself. You can use a QR code to obtain the email of customers that get to eat, that takes them to a contact form offering exclusive discounts or raffles encouraging the subscription. Another method is to use the so-called "social wifi", very common in hotels and some establishments, where directly the tool asks in exchange for the Wi-Fi connection, a series of actions such as email or follow-ups on different social channels. Once you have a database of your customers, you can interact with them in another way to make them feel very special, thus achieving loyalty, remember that email marketing triumphs not only when you send emails with your events and offers.


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