Management of access control system

Effective management of electronic access control system

A traditional lock is only to control the status of a door that cannot be regulated by schedules. However, an electronic access control system allows you to lock control by configuring time, door group, authorization level and through the web server, you will be able to know all the registered events of doors and users. The CCTV / IP video surveillance circuit is an optional equipment if security is to be improved and it can be added to your access control system kit. Consequently, electronic access control system has become a major trend in the industry and security thanks to their unrivaled advantages.


With an integrated time function, you can set schedules such as morning shift, afternoon or evening shift, etc., through the access management software for the regulation of user authorization levels and their access schedules to the different places. Of course, total opening hours can be created, at these times the door will open automatically, and after this period it will close automatically. This configuration is ideal for stores and department stores. In addition, you can set an expiration time of access for each user, this is ideal for short-term access such as day passes, or visit passes. Different schedules can be configured to activate the equipment designated as safety alert or industrial control device.

Access Level

There is additional management such as access level control. You can label each time zone and each door group with an index and level. Each user is assigned a level index. Users with a higher level are authorized to schedules and groups of doors with lower level index.


The anti-return feature combines a reader and access control to provide a higher level of security. When applied to buildings, there are three fundamental characteristics. First, the external reader is only for reading information, not for storing data, Second, the breakage of the reader cannot cause a forced opening condition to occur. The normal process of obtaining access is as follows: a card approaches the reader from the outside the reader transmits the information, determining if the card is valid or not, a signal is transmitted to the electronic lock to unlock it.

Therefore, the reader cannot open the door lock by himself. Third, a card must be presented at the entrance / exit, and the presentation sequence must be the correct order such as the following sequence "entry-exit-entry-exit-entry-exit" to gain access. Any attempt to create an “entry-entry” sequence of access will be considered a violation of the Anti-return rule and consequently access will be denied. For example, if someone gives their card to a friend after passing the door or someone has a copy and tries to enter, they will all be rejected at the door for violation of the anti-return rule.


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