IP camera on CCTV system

How to configure an IP camera on CCTV system

A common example of this application in a CCTV system is the end user who installs an IP camera in your home or your business, and you want to access the video of this camera remotely from an external location. In the case when the camera is installed at home, to see that everything is going well, the person wishes from his workplace or office to be able to connect remotely to his home and check through the device that everything is in order, with your children, your pet, with the housekeeper or with your family in general. The second case, and perhaps the one with the highest demand, is that of the entrepreneur or entrepreneur who, due to his multiple occupations, cannot remain all the time being aware of what is happening in his company, and wants from his laptop, in a business trip, or on your home desktop PC to check that your business is going as it should be; that your employees have opened or closed the business in a timely manner at the correct time, that they are performing their daily tasks properly, or even being aware of security issues such as that there is no intruder in the place.

To begin with, the camera must be configured to be displayed on the local network (how to configure a camera on a local network or LAN), once the CCTV security cameras is already connected to the internal network of the place, essentially the following items must be available:

The router

In principle, the network switch of the place should be connected or if it is not available or has all its ports occupied, the IP camera can be connected directly to the router, usually they include network ports to connect devices directly to it.

The Internet Connection

Once we have the previous connection ready, the router must be connected to the Internet, either to the cable modem or Internet connection equipment provided by the ISP or Internet provider.

The Fixed IP Address

A fixed IP address must be requested from the Internet provider, in some cases it may have an additional cost, check with your ISP. Write down in a safe place the IP address assigned to your Internet connection, usually assigned to your router, associated with the MAC of this device.

Routing the camera to the Internet

As is known, a router allows to link 2 networks, a local network with a public network, in this case the Internet. Because the IP camera has an invalid or internal IP address, it must be made visible from the Internet, for this the fastest and most effective way to do this is by using a DMZ configuration. To do this, you must have access to the router configuration, and look for the DMZ section, depending on the brand of the router the location of the DMZ configuration will change, but surely by consulting the device manual you will easily find the location of this section. The DMZ must be activated and then enter the invalid IP address of the network camera. It is important that the camera has a fixed IP address and does not use DHCP.


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