How CCTV works?

How does a closed circuit TV work?

A CCTV is basically formed by cameras, a transmission medium, monitors, recording systems, data recording and some other complementary elements, such as lenses and storage and processing devices for the information collected.

Its operation is simple: CCTV security camera captures the images of the areas that are being monitored, which are then transmitted to the monitors that reproduce them using different media, such as coaxial cable, fiber optic, UTP cables or the most modern wireless systems, which do not need cables of any kind.

Based on this base scheme, current technology allows CCTV systems to be complexed, adapting to the available budget, the needs of the locations to be monitored and other factors. What you have to keep in mind is that an ideal closed-circuit TV system provides many advantages

CCTV system advantages

  • Allow a facility with large public flow to be open and, in turn, safe and secure.
  • Monitor the perimeters and places of access to your organization, urbanization, educational campus, or others, to detect the presence of unauthorized persons and launch attack procedures if necessary.
  • See in real time what is happening in the monitored areas, both through specially dedicated monitors, such as tablets, computers or smartphones.
  • Provide the possibility to record and access important events stored easily and quickly, choosing the desired programming of the video recorder.
  • Connect the CCTV with other alarm systems and enable the sending of notices of these devices to the monitoring monitors, and keep you posted about any irregular situation that may happened at the moment.


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