Facebook Ads for restaurants

Steps to put together a Facebook Ads Campaign for your Restaurant

Now well give you a few key digital marketing strategies for your restaurant based on Facebook, with which you can increase the sales of your gastronomic business.The first thing you have to do is create a Facebook advertising account. It is important that you understand how the use of social media for restaurants will help your local SEO for restaurants succeed.

You can see on the Internet how to open your advertising account in a few steps and thus start advertising high quality restaurants and targeted to your Target Audience

Digital restaurant marketing

As a first step, Facebook asks us: What is the purpose of our digital marketing campaign? A business objective, that is, the reason why you want to publish your ad, The clear idea of the audience you want to reach to generate leads, A daily budget or set of ads: how much money you are willing to invest to reach your potential customers, Some photos or videos to show in your ad, which have some specific features that I will tell you later. The reality is that nobody is going to buy a product if they don't know the company and much less, what it sells.

This option is useful for reaching the right people and for more people to know your brand or your product. After selecting the brand recognition option, Facebook asks us for the name of the campaign. For the budget optimization you have available, you can check it out. As the word itself says, it will help your budget perform as much as possible.

Pay a lot of attention:

Once the name of the campaign has been defined, we will now divide it into several sets of ads, such as if the campaign is "sandwich light", it is divided into an ad group, we will call it "chicken sandwich", another " vegan sandwich ”,“ egg sandwich ”, etc.

The target audience

Now we get to the most important thing you have to know and it's how to create the specific audience for your Facebook Ads campaign in your restaurant. Suppose our restaurant is located on Avenida Vélez Sarsfield 576. For us it is best to make sales in the surroundings of this location and not to the entire province of Córdoba. It would not make sense because nobody would cross the entire province to buy sandwiches and we would be wasting part of the budget that could be invested efficiently in the campaign, such as reaching people who usually look for restaurants on Facebook or fast food.

By entering the exact address and telling Facebook that we want our advertising to reach a geographical radius of 5 kilometers: how many people are in that radius? Facebook calculates a potential reach of us and gives us an approximate number, say 760,000 people.

Potential reach - digital marketing for restaurants

The potential scope is reduced by limiting the ages of the target audience, however there is still a significant number of people reach but it has its logic: we are now "directly attacking" people interested in our product. In detailed segmentation there are several options to set. What we did specifically was to tell Facebook to get us a group of people whose interests are "sandwiches" or similar foods.

Facebook earns money by advertising, but it also worries because you earn money too. Trust Facebook!


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