Cars accesss system

HID proximity cards

The access control system will allow you to control, through a hid proximity card, the Access of Personnel and visitors to your facilities


The access control systems, allow to expand the surveillance and security expectations of the facilities, increasing the efficiency in the production, backup and safekeeping operations with a high degree of reliability. Security directors, recognize proximity cards and HID readers as the industry standard for physical access control.

HID proximity products are strong and accessible and integrate seamlessly with access control systems. Currently, technical, human and material resources require a high degree of security and integrity, which is why their custody and administration is paramount, for this reason that automated access control system kit arise, which allow to broaden the expectations of surveillance and security of any institution, thereby increasing the efficiency in the operational activities of production, safeguarding and safeguarding of the human and material resources of the institutions and with the least amount of human elements possible and with a high degree of reliability. These systems can be adapted to any situation regardless of size, environment or logistics. Currently these types of systems are used by large industries, military installations, banks, airports, hotels, government offices, refineries, corporations, residences, etc. in general, institutions where a high priority has been established in their access control systems and physical and logical security.

Summary and Main Features

A dual frequency HID smart card allows a smooth migration of 125 kHz proximity technology to the Seos high-frequency future proof. This card allows customers to maximize their investment with the simultaneous support of the low frequency proximity technology widely adopted along with the high security of the Seos solution. The credential incorporates a standards-based Seos application to securely manage and authenticate identities.

Supplied as a programmable solution for maximum flexibility, the smart card offers expanded memory for additional user applications, which can be programmed or updated over the life of the card. By leveraging the HID Global data model, Secure Identity Object® (SIO®), which consists of protected data objects (encrypted and signed), organizations can distribute, manage and secure identities across a variety of devices different phones.

Main advantages:

  • Technology independent security - Provides multilayer security beyond device technology and supports multiple SIOs in a single credential for individual protection of each application identity data
  • Increased security - Cutting-edge cryptography for data confidentiality and strong authentication to protect contactless communications between the card and the reader
  • Increased privacy - Does not communicate any traceable identifier during card sessions to prevent card data from being disclosed or cloned by unauthorized third parties
  • Portable - As an open, standards-based solution that supports future technologies, the Seos application is portable for smartphones and other media and stores data for multiple applications on a single card or device
  • Part of the HID Global iCLASS SE® platform - The platform is based on its SIO and Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP ™) data model to increase security, adaptability and interoperability


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