Access Control System Effectivity

How to have an efficient access control system?

A clear example of "access control" is always done when someone knocks on the door of the place where we live, the first reaction is to observe who is calling, then we ask what do you want ?, when receiving the answer, we evaluate the coherence and fundamentals of the same, and then we decide if we continue the conversation or reject the request.

Similar process is carried out daily in the commercial and public activity, seeking to meet very similar objectives, namely:

  • Allow the passage only of authorized persons.
  • Detect and prevent the entry or exit of unauthorized or unauthorized material.
  • Provide control personnel (security guard / controller / caretaker, etc.) with the necessary information to evaluate the appropriate response. In the latter case, it is convenient to have technology that reliably records what has been done, in order to analyze situations and review responses to keep the process of continuous improvement alive.

Generally the term "access control" and "input control" are used interchangeably; Although there is bibliography that understands the first concept as the process of managing databases or other records, referring to computer applications. In this development we will use the term as synonyms and we will put emphasis on the basic concepts to be validated, since the unquestionable benefits of the computer applications offered by recognized brands of the market, in terms of software, progress continuously and desire as its name indicates discover a covered or uncovered action of a person. "Access control" is part of "detection", which is one of the three primary functions of a "physical protection system".

  1. Location of access control (control point)

This aspect is very important, since the architectural design must adequately combine the institutional presentation of the reception with the effectiveness of the “check point”, which seems obvious, does not always respond to the basic premise. "The control point must be located in a mandatory transit place, which cannot be avoided", once the compliance with it has been validated, it will be taken as a result that, except for illegal intrusions by the perimeter; All persons and vehicles that wish to enter the protected area must pass through the control point. Consider that when there is more than one "control point" to enter each of the different layers or rings of the "physical protection system", the fixed expenditure allocated in the budget for personnel security and technology maintenance, control of energy will be increased. processes and basically will increase the likelihood of unwanted income.

Effectiveness of access control Once the most appropriate architectural design and place to locate the “entrance control” has been defined, the three components of the physical security system must be integrated. Technology It is another very important link in the access control subsystem (entry and exit control), since it neutralizes and significantly mitigates the weaknesses that the human factor presents. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): it is an essential tool that properly selected and implemented, allows to reconstruct situations, identify physical characteristics of people, provide documentary evidence and several other benefits. Alarms: properly selected, configured and implemented, it is an indispensable tool. Here we value the importance of the architectural design by driving the flow of people so that the guard is not exceeded in his ability to stop, identify, control and record data to those who enter or leave; causing them to encounter a physical barrier of turnstiles (turnstiles) and software applications that force the guard to load the affiliation data, who authorizes the entry of the visitor and contractor, the photo of the person in real time, the scanning of the Identity document, the declaration and labeling of devices that you declare, such as notebook, tablet, etc. Access control kit: turnstiles that effectively meet the premise "pass the authorized" / "do not pass the unauthorized". The above, tries to expose some aspects to consider in the work of the work team to be developed for physical security and computer systems.


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