Electronic Keyless Door Locks

How many times have you been locked out of your house? It's not an uncommon occurrence - nearly everyone can recall at least one time they were stuck outside waiting for a locksmith, family member or friend to let them in.

Never Use A Key Again With Electronic Keyless Door Locks
Being locked out without a key is a thing of the past with electronic keyless door locks. These latches use fingerprints, number pads or even biometrics such as eye scans to open doors.

A biometric magnetic door lock is harder for a criminal to pick, ensuring your belongings and home will stay safe. Additionally, if someone does try to pick this type of security latch, it is difficult to break. These work as an excellent deterrent for criminals or anyone else who tries to break into your home.

Another benefit is that these can sometimes be wired into an access control system, which can automatically call a home security company or even the local police department. This additional line of defense can help protect your home whether you're inside with your family or not even at home.

Why use electric strikes: an electric strike have a spring loaded keeper that manipulates the bolt on the lock. Without the proper tool for entry, the keeper will stay fastened in place. Only with the correct verification with the keeper loosen and allow the bolt to retract. This type of lock can be fail-safe or fail-secure and depending on the building codes for your area and type of structure, you may have no choice in which to install.


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