The risks of Fortnite hacks

According to the words of the players themselves, winning using hacks has no honor. However, there are few who use them and use them to gain advantage over other competitors.

But as if it were a kind of divine justice, those who do not care about the means they have to use to achieve victory, either with the Fortimite Aimbot, a coin generator or any other trick, are exposed to a series of risks that can cause important consequences.

Many choose to take this risk, dismissing the fact that they can be banned both temporarily and permanently, because dealing with free distribution software with creating a new account is enough, even if this means losing all the progress they have made.

However, for players who enjoy some recognition in the world of video games and obtain monetary benefits for that, being banned can be somewhat more complicated than for any other player for obvious reasons, including loss of reputation.

But beyond that, there is a much greater risk and is related to viruses that are incorporated by many hackers to obtain personal information of the player.

Cheating players like perfect white

When a videogame reaches high levels of popularity, it does not take long for the so-called hacks to develop.

Hacks are tricks that allow players to perform actions very easily and even do things that would be impossible without them.

An example is the well-known Fortnite Aimbot, with which the shots can be controlled in such a way that they always hit the target.

As we have already mentioned, the use of hacks is not very well seen within the competitors, but to say that they are not used would be to lie.

The creators of this type of software or hackers, know that many players are tempted to gain some advantage, becoming an easy target of the feared and harmful malware.

In many cases, those offers that invite you to download hacks that includes all kinds of tricks such as Fortnite Aimbot, life regeneration, coin generator among others, have begun to include malicious code with which you obtain personal information from the user, such as cookies, virtual wallets, etc.

How Fortnite hacks viruses work

The videos where you play and explain all kinds of tricks are quite common on the internet and are often consulted very often.

In the description of these videos usually leave the link to download the hack that has been shown and offers to do wonders.

When you click on the link, what you download is a virus that steals user information each time you use it.

These types of videos usually do not last long as they are eliminated quickly, however the number of players who fall victim to these viruses in that short time is enough for hackers to do their thing.

 Winter Royale, a big tournament ruined by hackers

Perhaps one of the most notorious cases recently about the negative consequences of the use of hacks, is the Winter Royale tournament.

The tournament would be developed online, both in North America and Europe, with a qualifying and a final phase. A million dollars in prizes to the winner undoubtedly increased the interest and enthusiasm of the players.

Until then everything was going very well, until Turner "Tfue" Tenney, expert player and professional Fortnite was out of the classification because of a competitor who used the use of hacks.

Tfue, before his surprise elimination, decided to analyze the plays of that competitor arriving at the conclusion that evidently cheated, probably with Fortnite Aimbot since none of his shots failed.

Despite making the complaint to Epic Games, there were no major consequences and the tournament in the absence of a pronouncement and forceful actions, was compromised becoming a big disappointment.

We will not deny that the use of hacks can be very tempting and for many who only play for fun for a while, it represents nothing more than a mischief.

Now, for those who take the game more seriously, who participate in tournaments and have even come to monetize their hobby, these types of practices can be very harmful.


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