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If it was a success when it was just in the testing phase and was only available for PC, with its arrival on Android, Pubg has become a real revolution, even though it was thought that it was being overtaken by another of the great videogames of the Fortnite moment.

Tencent Games has bet everything to get it to work perfectly on Android mobile devices and the results speak for themselves.

High quality graphics, 3D sound effects, realistic weapons, variety of vehicles and the possibility of inviting your friends make this application one of the best for video game fans, who can enjoy their hobby anywhere.

For those who are tempted to use hacks such as Pubg Aimbot, we have bad news, since the application has anti-cheating mechanisms to ensure fair competition.

In order to play, a stable internet connection is required, Android 5.1.1 or later versions and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

Set up your Pubg Mobile to win

If you want to stand out in the game and win games, instead of thinking if Pubg Aimbot already exists for the mobile version, you can start by setting up the game so that you get better results.

In the last update it is possible to choose between two types of view: First view or Third person view. Which one should be chosen? There is no definitive answer. It all depends on the player's taste and on which view he feels most comfortable.

Although the application automatically adjusts the graphics according to the characteristics of the phone, it can be done manually if you notice that the game is deleted frames or lagged.

To improve aiming (without using Pubg Aimbot) a simple trick of configuration is to activate the target assistance "Aim Assist". This help or assistance is necessary since it is necessary to take into account that it is not the same to point with the mouse than from a touch screen. So this little trick is important.

The position of the controls and their size can be changed according to what is most comfortable for each player.

Activating the left-side shooting button can be very useful in the Pubg Mobile version since you can aim with the right and shoot with the left. This makes it much easier and you get better results when shooting. Doing everything with one hand has a certain degree of difficulty.

More useful tricks for Pubg Mobile

Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate when there is a lot of noise around. In the case of video games it is almost impossible to ask teammates to remain silent as the excitement of the game is great.

But if you feel that this affects the performance, it is possible to silence any partner temporarily by touching the loudspeaker icon on the screen and selecting the one that at that moment we want to mute.

To achieve a 100% recovery, even if it is not immediate, it is important to take energy drinks and painkillers.

Staying in motion is one of the most important tricks to avoid being the target of any sniper in the field.

Using the "eye button" is very useful to see where the enemies are without exposing themselves too much.

When firing it is better to make sure that it is going to hit the target and that the enemy will be eliminated, otherwise the only thing that would be achieved would be to expose the position.

Hacks for Pubg Mobile

The use of hacks or cheat, is not well seen by the creators of video games and much less by the players.

However, its use is not uncommon, even though it implies the risk of being suspended even for life.

Many justify it by claiming that for a human being it is impossible to match a computer so they will always be at a disadvantage, as well as professional players who prevent the advancement of lower level competitors.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that there are hacks because there are those who use them. To find them, simply make a simple search on the internet and different sites that offer all types of hacks appear even for mobile versions.


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