The Stability of the Magnetic Door Lock

The magnetic door lock has been over time the standard lock of choice for access control at homes and businesses.

A maglock consist of two major components: an electromagnet and an armature plate. The result is a locking mechanism that is difficult to pick and even harder to break with human force.

Magnetic door locks are also gaining more widespread popularity because of their aesthetics. They offer a unique look with a touch of modernism. They tend to be favored by builders and owners with a taste for fine quality and detail.

Installing a magnetic door lock requires precision measuring. The magnetic lock should always be installed on the secure side of the door. For safety, malock, cables, and wires should be routed through the door frame or flush mount with wire moulding.the electromagnet is typically installed in the opening corner of the door at the door's header. Maglocks can also be installed vertically in the door opening when they are furnished with a full length housing.

Thanks to modern technology, maglocks are easier to install along with their unbeatable strength has brought them full circle as viable components to home and business security.


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