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In Astur Pins we have the best advertising products that can be found in the current market. High quality products that can be fully customized as the clients wishes. Doesn’t matter if you need them for an event, publicity campaigns or collectors, in Astur Pins we can provide you the best custom products. Custom pins of all kind and different qualities to fulfill every requirement.

You just have to send us your design or idea and we will take charge of everything else. You can choose among other our customizing options so you can have your pins, key chains or whatever custom products exactly as you need.

Custom key chains of all kind available in Astur Pins. The best hand painted hard enamel custom key chains are for sale in Astur Pins, you just have to send us the design for your custom key chain and we take care of everything else. If you want quickly your custom key chains you can try our printed key chains, that permit bigger detail in their manufacturing and can be manufactured faster. Contact with Astur Pins to know more.


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