Get your US visa approved

Keys and tips to process the United States Visa and not fail in the attempt

Although tourism visas to the United States are usually approved, unfortunately there are many people who know how annoying it can be to receive a no answer, and lose expectations of finally knowing this country, going on vacation or business, or Visit your loved ones. For this reason, in this article, we want to give you some suggestions and advice so that the process for the American visa is correct and how to get a US visa to finally have the trip you always wanted.

Since you have planned a vacation in the United States, or if you plan to go for a while, you should keep in mind that there are many types of visas. But it is your case, you must apply for a B1 or B2, nonimmigrant visas that allow only certain circumstances to travel.

Visa application process:

The B1 or B2 visa is aimed at those people who travel for vacation or business reasons. Also, these people are allowed to travel to visit family or friends, job training, medical care or missionaries. The first thing to do is ask for a code to pay the form DS - 160, which will be sent to you when you have canceled. This form must be filled out with the utmost honesty, and once sent to the embassy offices, you will be given a US visa appointment to have an interview, To this interview, you must bring some documents that have previously informed you, that’s when you get your formal US visa application. The interview is conducted by a consular officer, who will ask few questions about your travel plans to the United States. Finally, it will inform you if your visa was approved or not.

Tips for the interview:

  1. Although perhaps upon saying so, you should be very sure of yourself and avoid becoming nervous. Demonstrating a state of nerves, can divert the consular officer, and give the wrong impressions of your travel plans. Nerves can make you think you're lying.
  2. Avoid talking on the phone, both at the time of waiting, as in the interview.
  3. Normally, there is a lot of line for your interview, as many more people will be requesting it at the same time. Therefore, you must be patient and wait calmly.
  4. Be on time, if you are late, you will not be allowed to enter and you must schedule the interview again.
  5. When talking with the consular, keep calm and consistent responses regarding your trip. Have an adequate tone of voice and a lot of security. Talk about your travel plans, how long and why do you want to go to the United States?


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