Visa B1 for the USA

Who needs a B1 visa to enter the United States?

How to get a US visa: B1

If you are interested in visiting the US, you will need a tourist visa to the United States, although depending on your country of origin, purpose or duration of your trip, Knowing what visa you need to enter the US can be somewhat confusing, since although B1 and B2 visas are the most common to access the United States, these are only a small part in relation to other types of visas for States United.

What is the B1 Visa?

The B1 Visa is a visa for business visitors, which allows you to enter the US during a certain period that ranges between 6 months and the year. The duration of the B1 visa depends in each case, on the needs of the applicant, and allows foreign citizens to participate in business activities in the US (meetings, conventions, congresses, negotiations, purchases and sales, selection of workers etc. ), but also participate in exams or professional sports activities. In summary, the b1 visa is used to travel to the United States for commercial or professional reasons.

Differences between B1, B2 and ESTA visas

Now that you know what the B1 visa is for the USA, you may not be sure if you need a B1 visa for your trip to the United States or if you need another type of visa. The most common tourist visas are the B2 visa and the ESTA for the United States; ESTA it is the travel authorization for visa exemptions, which affects travelers from 38 countries, including Spain and Chile. It is important to know the differences between them to request the one that best suits our needs and get your US visa appointment. The main difference between the B1 visa and the ESTA is in the duration, since while the B1 visa is valid for 6 to 12 months, the ESTA allows us to be 90 days in the US, and has two years of validity.

In any case, the requirements of B1 and B2 are exactly the same, the purpose or usefulness of the visa changes (for business or tourism), but the requirements to apply for such visas are identical and equally different compared to the eligibility requirements of the visa.

How to apply for the B1 visa

When you do your US visa application you should take the following requierments
  • Fill in the online form DS-160.
  • Upload a photo to complete the form.
  • Print the form once confirmed.
  • Request an appointment for the interview at the local embassy or consulate.
  • Print the interview confirmation page.
  • Pay the fees and print the proof of payment.
  • Prepare all documents and printed files for the interview.

It is important that the B1 visa applicant provide the interview with all the necessary documentation to justify the purpose of their trip, in addition to the return ticket to prove that they will not stay in the US. Once the B1 visa application process is completed, including the interview, from the consulate or embassy they will contact you to give you the result and instructions to collect your B1 visa.


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