US visa prices

How much does the fee or fees of applying for the American visa cost?

As a part of the requirements to how to get a US visa, there’s the payment of a fee; known in some countries as a tariff, must be paid at the beginning of the paperwork. This money is not recovered if the visa is denied.

This article lists the fee to be paid before you get US visa appointment according to the type of visa, the 3 cases in which the fee is waived. In addition, how to know for how long they give the validity of the visa according to the country in which it applies.

Amount of the American visa fee

Depending on the type of visa, the amount to be paid is as follows:

  • A, for diplomats: free
  • B1, B2, B1 / B2, business, tourist, or combined of both, medical treatment: $ 160
  • C1, transit: $ 160
  • D, ship and aircraft crew: $ 160
  • E-1 and E-2 investment: $ 205
  • F, academic students: $ 160
  • G, to work in international organizations: free
  • H1-B for professionals and H-2A and H2-B for temporary work without studies: $ 190
  • I, journalist, reporter: $ 160
  • J, exchange: $ 160, except in the case of cultural or educational programs sponsored by the United States government. In these cases, the US visa application is free.
  • K, of American citizen boyfriend: $ 265
  • L, for transfers within a multinational company
  • M, students vocations: $ 160
  • NATO, for members of that military organization: free
  • Or, work for people with extraordinary abilities: $ 190
  • P, for artists, athletes and professionals in a show: $ 190
  • Q, international cultural exchange: $ 190
  • R, for religious: $ 190
  • Crossover card, also known as a laser visa: $ 160, except for those under 15 who apply with a parent or guardian or he or she already has it. In these cases: $ 16
  • TN, temporary work for Mexican professionals: $ 160
  • T, for victims of human trafficking: $ 160
  • U, for victims of violence: $ 160

In the case of tourists or business people with a passport from a country included in the Visa Waiver Program, they must pay the ESTA fee if they arrive in the United States by plane. Currently the cost is $ 14 if it is approved. If denied, $ 4 is paid for paperwork. Nonimmigrant visas can be denied for many reasons that are classified into two broad categories. First, those that make the applicant ineligible for the visa. And, secondly, those that make it inadmissible to enter the United States.

If the visa is denied for one or several reasons, the cost paid for the visa fee is not recovered. 3 cases of waiver of the payment of the American visa fee Migration laws establish that the fee can be waived in any of the following situations: First, when the trip to the United States is intended to provide a charitable service. Secondly, when they are employees of the American government and travel because of their work.

And, thirdly, in the case of family members of a government employee who died or was injured in combat or at work when he wishes to enter the United States to attend the funeral or to visit him in the hospital


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