Instagramming restaurant marketing

Instagram as a social network for restaurant marketing

Today everyone takes a picture of the dishes, first the image for social networks and then to satisfy hunger. If you have a food business, we tell you some Instagram marketing strategies you can use as local SEO for restaurants. Food occupies a very important part of people's daily lives. Among the main concerns of people are food, good places to eat or have drinks with friends and, in general, social activities.

These places and experiences are shared today in their social networks and see what others publish. Instagram has become the preferred social network for sharing photos and videos, especially food. Restaurants can take advantage of Instagram for multiple reasons because people take photos of their food, their celebrations and outings with friends. As a business owner you can invite customers to photograph food, the place, desserts, etc. The content generated by the user will be free, very convincing and spontaneous advertising. In 2019 Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month. It is estimated that half are active daily and 300 million use the stories, that way you will have a very smart use of social media for restaurants publicity for free.

Instagram use for your restaurants

Gourmet marketing is an excellent opportunity for your business. So you should know how to make the most of Instagram:

  • Let them find your profile:
    Select an Instagram username for your business that is easy to recognize, use keywords relevant to your business. This will help make it easier to find you through the search. Also, post posts with hashtags and make sure they are relevant, but not very unusual for users to find you. Some key labels include the name of your restaurant, your main course or the name of a drink. And remember, always be consistent when you write it.
  • Integrate Instagram with your other social networks
    Although it is perhaps not the most recommended option, you can share what you post on Instagram on other social networks, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and Twitter. Because if a user does not follow you on this platform they may do so on Facebook or Twitter, so you will increase the views and gain followers.
  • Place an Instagram widget on your website.
    So those who visit your website can see what you publish on your Instagram profile. Remember to include the option to continue, so you can gain new followers. Consider not only integrating Instagram with other social networks, but also with the real world. You could include your profile name or brand hashtags in the menu. Even in the notice at the entrance of your establishment. So both those who pass and those who enter may know your profiles and that encourages them to share content.


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