How does car access control system works?

Vehicular access control

The control of vehicular access continues its growth in all the properties of the country that seek the optimal management of the entry, location and exit of the vehicles that use their parking lots. Residential units, health centers, shopping centers, commercial, industrial and public buildings increasingly hire a provider that automates their common and private spaces.

Like other similar automation products, vehicular access control offers a great advantage, making it possible to have total control over visitors and residents through an easily managed system that integrates with other solutions such as CCTV or alarms.

In other words, the access control systems are reliable, versatile and scalable systems that use various technologies to allow and record revenue. For their purpose they rely on mechanisms that cover from the simplest to the most complex requirements. The access control kit for this type of systems has among the devices that compose it: biometric control, plate recognition, radiofrequency identification, automatic barriers and electromechanical arms, etc.

Advantages of vehicle access control

  • Savings in the number of personnel dedicated to the surveillance and control of vehicle entry. Also in personnel dedicated to car care and spaces.
  • Greater security thanks to the registration of entrances and exits, schedules, access groups and permitted areas.
  • Collection of databases with relevant information such as license plates, vehicle description, owner and contact information.
  • Entrance of cars in a controlled and organized way.
  • Plate recognition for advanced applications.
  • Alerts in case of an attempted access without authorization.
  • Integration with all security systems for centralized management.
  • Scalable to cover future needs as extensions.
  • Updatable to adapt to new developments in the sector or with the latest generation systems.

In summary, vehicle access control is the perfect product for spaces with large vehicle flows because it accommodates every need even future, it means a quick return on investment and contributes greatly to the safety of buildings


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