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How to generate links for SEO?

In the restaurant marketing world, the authority of a website depends directly on the number of pages that link it, the authority of these pages, the level of thematic similarity between your website and the one that links you and other factors related to the content surrounding the link, such as its anchor text (link text), the words that surround it and even the position of the link within the content. That is why much of work done by the local SEO for restaurants, in addition to use social media for restaurants promotion, optimize the web and its content, is the generation of links with the purpose of increasing the authority of the web and improving its positioning. This practice is known as link building.

How Google interprets a link

>When the Google robot crawls a website, pay special attention to the links it finds and "follow" them by going to the page they link and also analyzing it. The links work as votes in an election, in broad strokes if you have more links, you have more chances to go out first.

Value of a link

It is necessary to know that there are many factors that determine the value of a link, many hypotheses about points that could influence and some discrepancies between professionals. The main most important points are:

  1. Relevance: A link on a page that talks about a theme similar to yours gives you more value than another that talks about a totally different topic. For example, if the world's most reputable page about chocolate cookies links to your website about desserts, it will be much more valuable than a link from a generalist newspaper, even if it has more authority.
  2. Authority: A web page linked to another 100 will provide more value through a link than another to which only 10 links, if we consider that the average quality of each link was the same in both cases. Thus, a link of a page with authority is much more valuable than another of a page without it.
  3. Trust: Google chooses some websites that it considers the most trustworthy (institutions, universities, government ...) for its robots to start a search. These pages have a maximum trust value. Google follows the links on these pages and discover new websites. The more intermediate websites between the initials and you, the less confidence Google will give you.

For all this it is more important to generate links of pages with great authority, relevance and confidence than to build links without any type of filter


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