Do you play Pubg? Tricks to be the best

Do you play Pubg? Tricks to be the best

Since its test presentation or early access launch in March 2017, Pubg captured the attention of thousands of players, reaching the second position of the most played.

The Tencent Games video game exceeded the sales projections just three months later even though it was still in the testing phase and available only for PC.

Pubg stands for PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds, it is a video shooter game (shooter) Battle Royale mode where players must survive on an island competing against another hundred players. The winner will obviously be the last one standing.

At the start of the game, all participants are on equal terms, that is, with nothing. They do not have any type of weapons or equipment, to get them they must explore the houses and the land where they are.

It has much more realistic graphics than other games of the same genre and some elements that are not present in them.

It is available for different platforms: PC, XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Cheats for Pubg

Like other videogames of this style, Pubg has some difficulty, which is why players look for different ways to overcome opponents.

There are tricks that are "legal" and others that, on the contrary, are considered cheating. Within this last group is for example the Pubg Aimbot, one of the most sought after.

Also known as cheat or hacks, these tricks are programs that run simultaneously with the game and that significantly improve the skills of the characters.

When using them, other competitors are at a disadvantage because whoever uses them can perform actions that normally can not be done.

If Pubg Aimbot is used, the shots will always hit the target, killing the opponent easily and quickly.

The use of hacks is not allowed, which is why, who uses them, runs the risk of having their account suspended either temporarily or permanently.

Using hacks, to be honest, annoys the game. There's nothing fun to compete if you know you're always going to lose no matter how good you are.

This makes players lose interest and with the passage of time very few who want to participate.

On the other hand, the creators of videogames incorporate mechanisms to detect hacks such as Pubg Aimbot and other types of tricks, but many times they manage to go unnoticed, at least for a while.

Many users have been banned by the use of hacks even shortly after the game came out. In order to play again they have to buy the game again and if they re-offend they will be suspended by the system.

The players also contribute their bit, since they become vigilantes and when observing a behavior outside the normal thing, they analyze the plays of their opponent and to find it suspicious, they report it.

In spite of everything said, there are those who use this type of tricks. Let's see some of the best known.

Pubg Aimbot: As we mentioned above, it is one of the most sought after and used hacks, since it allows to control and fine-tune the aim. With this trick, you can aim automatically at any part of the body, without missing any shot.

Pubg Triggebot: When using this cheat, it is possible to shoot automatically with only aiming at the opponent.

Pubg Magic Bullet: It can be said that this trick is a combination of the previous two. With it, it automatically targets and shoots at any target that is within range.

In addition to these tricks there are others that allow you to see through the walls or move at high speed.

To improve the game and achieve victory, it is not necessary to use hacks, which in addition to cheating can cause the account to be suspended.

Learning to dominate weapons, choose the map well and train are safe and legal ways to improve the game. With time and practice you can get to develop great skills without having to use tricks.

As tempting as it may be to win without making much effort or to eliminate the best players easily, it is undoubtedly much more satisfying to win on your own merit.


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