Lock Systems and their differences

There are multiple and varied types of lock systems in the current market.

This has made that the security buyers become more a kind of professional buyer choosing the right lock system for its necessity.

We all now that choosing the right lock system for your property or business is very important. It gives true serenity realizing that your property is protected from thieves.

Tumbler locking system uses a series of levers that keep the door locked. The tumbler is lifted by the key when opening the door.

A Maglock is an electromagnetic lock only operable with constant additional power supply, and if there is not an additional power supply available, the magnets will not work. The most common placement for a maglock is the top outer corner of door frames

FPC Security offers the best line of high-quality magnetic door lock solutions to accommodate almost any access control door locking requirement.

These two are the major locking systems. However, you need to be aware they have different force levels.

It is important to note that the more force the system is used it offers a different protection level to specific requirement ensuring security for your property.

You can also use include an electronic locking system for your access control system. Electronic locking systems are very secure and effective. For instance, you can use a locking system that uses a keypad. This is a lock system is released and set with a mere touch of a button.

All you need is to access our website at www.fpc-security.com before making your decision so that you can choose the one that suits the needs of your property or business. .


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