Do you need an Automatic Door Opener at your business?

An automatic door opener can present a business security risk? It depends on you but with some extra-tips you can be sure you can protect your business.

People in general prefer automatic doors and that is a fact. Research proves that consumers everywhere prefer the automatic doors and automatic solutions.

Another important aspect is that this devices make life easy to everyone enable access to any area of your business, but this doesn't means that your automatic door opener will lock or unlock your door hardware.
This means an automatic door opener solution must come together with a couple of other secrity devices that will gaurantee your secure access to any place at your business.

Include with our automatic door opener a:

1-Maglock: Maglocks are weather resistant, quick to install, quick to operate, incredibly strong

2-Burglar alarms: because of the sense movement and detect issues like broken glass.

3-Video Surveillance: burglars inspect a business for days before they entry, with a video system you can have eyes
eveyrtime at your business and detec rends or situations that help you react before is to late.


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